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Nursery Menu

Our aim is to promote healthy eating:


- We provide information on healthy food and drink


- We support opportunities to promote the ability to make an informed choice


- We offer guidance on making healthy choices when children bring in foods to share at celebrations


- We provide healthy snacks as part of a healthy balanced diet


- We avoid foods that are high in fat and in calories and follow the principles of healthy eating


- We encourage the children to drink water throughout the day.  Water is available for children to help themselves


- We provide food and drink to ensure children receive appropriate amounts of energy and nutrients


- At snack time we provide children with a variety of fruits and vegetables.

- We have a holistic approach to food.  All food is cooked fresh on-site.  We encourage the children to help with menu planning


- Meal-times provide opportunities for children to learn about and try new foods, and to develop social skills


- We encourage children to sit around the table to eat their meals, as this helps to develop social skills and good eating habits.

- We are aware of children’s dietary needs.  Children’s beliefs and safety are respected and protected


- Cooking with children is both an enjoyable activity and an effective way of encouraging children to try new foods


- We work in partnership with parents/carers and health professionals.


- See our menu below